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MSI pushes out motherboard BIOS updates to tackle recent security vulnerabilities

MSI, one of the world leading motherboard developers, has been working swift on solutions ever since receiving a formal notice from Intel® stating that the current Intel® microcode version might be subject to recently identified security vulnerabilities. To ensure any system powered by MSI Z370-series motherboards is operating securely, Intel® and MSI have been working around the clock to prepare updated microcode and release new B... More

Make the Moments Smooth, MSI 4K Video Editing PC Kits Bundle Promotion

Following the previous The Productive 4K Video Editing PC Build, MSI again teams up with enthusiast-level video editing software developer, MAGIX, and Seagate again to offer a PC kits bundle promotion that professional editors cannot refuse. Starting 16th Jan, 2018 through 21st Feb, 2018 while supplies last, with purchasing an eligible MSI X299 SLI PLUS or Z370 SLI PLUS motherboard, you can get a 30% discount code for ... More

MSI adds latest Intel TXE 3.0 security update to BIOS for 100, 200 and 300 Series motherboards

In order to avoid severe security vulnerabilities for the platforms, MSI motherboards now support the latest Intel Trusted Execution Engine (TXE) 3.0 for safer system protection. According to recent Intel comprehensive security review, security vulnerabilities are identified and could potentially allow attackers to gain unauthorized access to platforms features, secrets and 3rdparty secrets protected by Intel TXE. Therefore, Intel has validate... More


NEW INTEL I7-8700K PUSHED OVER 7.4GHz ON ALL 6 CORES WITH MSI'S Z370 GODLIKE GAMING MOTHERBOARD MSI truly shows its strength and dominating performance on the on-shelf date for the new Z370 motherboards, with Z370 GODLIKE GAMING pushing the Intel 8th Gen i7-8700K over 7.4GHz on all cores (6 cores / 12 threads). More information on the record With the Z370 GODLIKE GAMING, MSI&... More

MSI X299 worte down a 6140.46MHZ new cpu frequency top record!

OCER ZERO-DAN PUSHES THE X299 XPOWER GAMING AC MOTHERBOARD TO REACH NEW CPU FREQUENCY MILESTONE A few months before, MSI’s in-house overclocker, Toppc, became the first ever to push DDR4 speeds to 5.5GHz under liquid nitrogen cooling using the MSI X299 GAMING PRO CARBON AC motherboard. Today, MSI is proud to announce that the overclocker ZERO_DAN broke the CPU frequency 6GHz barrier using MSI X299 XPOWER GAMING AC motherboard with Intel ... More

Step into a new world with new MSI Z370 motherboards and intel 8th Gen 6-core processors

New Z370 chipset, new Coffee Lake processors, new MSI gaming motherboards! MSI, the world leading gaming motherboard manufacturer, together with the launch of Intel’s 8th Gen processors, has prepared new motherboards, inviting PC Enthusiasts and Gamers to enter into a new world. Based on the new Z370 platform, MSI introduces a complete lineup in 4 segments with all models fully supporting Intel 6-core CPUs. The next generation MSI mother... More

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