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February 01, 2021 The benefit of curved monitor To get the most complete gaming experience, it is important to know how to choose a monitor. If you are considering purchasing a monitor, we recommend checking out a curved monitor. Let us introduce the benefits of a curved display. [...]
December 11, 2020 MSI Monitor Console Mode, Designed to Answer Your Concerns. The Best Bang for Your Benefit. Monitor Console Mode In this blog we are going to introduce. PS5 QHD Resolution compatibility PS5/Xbox FHD@120Hz compatibility 1. PS5 QHD Resolution compatibility Some of you might already know that SONY PS5 does not fully support QHD resolution output at this moment. [...]
November 18, 2020 Tản nhiệt nước AIO, lựa chọn hàng đầu cho vi xử lí AMD Ryzen 5000 series Dòng vi xử lí Ryzen 5000 series mới đây đã chính thức được AMD cho ra mắt. So với thế hệ trước, kiến trúc AMD Zen 3 mới gia tăng hiệu [...]
September 29, 2020 CPU Cooler Tuning – Optimized Power Limit Based on CPU Coolers MSI B460 motherboards have offered a higher power limit to release the most accurate CPU performance. A higher power limit brings better performance because the frequency won't be limited by the power limit. However, a premium CPU cooler may be [...]
September 22, 2020 When The Brand new AMD Ryzen 4000G Series Processors Meet MSI Memory Try It! DRAM Performance Analyst!! Get 4000+MHz with just a few clicks!!! All of the AMD Ryzen series processors can be overclocked with no restrictions on memory speed. Users can unleash the power of the processors without any limit. Let's take a look at Memory Try It from the MSI B550 Series [...]
July 14, 2020 B450 vs B550 vs X570 - Many Platforms, One AM4 Socket: What’s the Difference? The wait for motherboards with AMD's B550 chipset is finally over! However, the launch does raise a few questions as well, the simplest being – is it worth the upgrade? We'll cover all aspects of the B550 platform and go over [...]
June 22, 2020 Ép xung bộ nhớ với tính năng Memory Force & Memory Try It độc quyền của MSI! Memory Force là tính năng độc quyền mới nhất của MSI nhằm phục vụ cho việc ép xung bộ nhớ. Biểu đồ Memory Force cho biết RAM của bạ[...]
April 21, 2020 Giải thưởng Red Dot 2020 & Cảm hứng của MSI Content Creation Desktop PC & Motherboards — Prestige P100, Creator X299 & MEG X570 ACE Giải thưởng Thiết kế Red Dot có nguồn gốc từ Đức và là một vinh dự của thiết kế chất lượng cao quốc tế, nó [...]
March 31, 2020 A Zoom in Analysis of TWIN FROZR 7 The 7th generation of the famous MSI TWIN FROZR Thermal Design was introduced with the launch of the GeForce RTX 2070 GPU over a year ago. However, you may or may not know about the iconic TWIN FROZR 7. Don’t [...]
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